Why should I buy at ShaveSavings.com and not at the competitor? ;-)
Are all items authentic?
How do I proceed should I forget my password?
Other questions?

Hidden Anchor Link Why should I buy at ShaveSavings.com and not at the competitor? ;-)

Our team works hard to get you the best deal. We always have the following keywords in mind:
Quality. In Stock items. 1st class Service. Safety. Easy. Sharpest Price!
ShaveSavings.com is the place to shop efficiently and at ease for the shaving products of your choice, at any given time. And with great savings!
In this userfriendly webshop you can pay through several payment methods and your order wil be delivered quickly.
On top of all the benefits of homeshopping, you are sure to get a brandnew authentic product and we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

We focus all our actions on offering a great service to every customer. We are a small company and believe that the larger a company the greater the risk that it will take its customers for granted, or worse: as a statistic.

Our team works hard on a common goal: Customer Satisfaction. Of course our very atractive prices also help to achieve this. Besides the efficiency of our processes, we are able to offer products at a lower price because ShaveSavings has no need for premises, interior design, maintenance, cleaning, sales staff or shop assistants. In addition, we operate on a global market that allows us to upscale our purchases and negotiate better pricing.


Hidden Anchor Link Are all items authentic?

Absolutely, we guarantee authenticity and first quality of every item we sell. We stand behind our merchandise for the full 100%. Of course it is a violation of the law to sell counterfeited merchandise.Selling replicas is illegal and we conduct honest business.

Hidden Anchor Link How do I proceed should I forget my password?

No problem. Look at the 'Sign-in' section on the right top of the page. Click on 'Forgot your password?'. Then you will get to a page where you can fill in your e-mail address. Within several minutes after entering your e-mail address you will receive an e-mail from us containing a personal link. Click that link to enter a new password.

Could you send me a catalogue?

No sorry, we do not offer any catalogues and/or magazines at this time.The reason is that we almost daily update our site with new items as we restock everyday. By the time a catalogue would get to you it would be out of date!

Hidden Anchor Link Other questions?

Do not hesitate to ask a question, just mail it to service@shavesavings.com.You can also tip us on ways to attend you even better in the future. After all, we are at your service! We will normally respond to Emails received during office hours within 1 business day depending on how busy we are or the complexity of the question.

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