Terms and conditions

In these General Terms “Shavesavings.com” shall refer to the enterprise that is registered with the business name "Shavesavings", in the register of commerce of the “Kamer van Koophandel” (Chamber of Commerce) in Rotterdam under the number 24467609;"Acknowledgement of receipt": acknowledgement of receipt shall have the meaning as described in article 3.2 d of these Terms."Product": the product or products that shall be delivered to you within an agreed term on the basis of the agreement reached between you and Shavesavings.com, for which you shall pay a determined price;"Terms": these general terms.“Buyer”: any natural person or legal entity that enters into contact with Shavesavings.com about the realization of an Agreement.“Order”: any order issued by Buyer to Shavesavings.com.“Agreement”: any agreement that is reached between Shavesavings.com and Buyer, any modification of it or addition to it, as well as any (legal) act performed in order to prepare for and fulfil that Agreement;“Notice”: any communication from Shavesavings.com to Buyer, including, but not limited to, pamphlets, advertisements, catalogues, quotes, order confirmations, price lists, invoices, EDI,E-mail, fax if requested, bulletin board, faxes and letters. “In writing”: by fax, letter or e-mail.

2.1 These Terms are applicable to all offers, orders and agreements entered into through the website www.Shavesavings.com and in which Shavesavings.com is a party.
By the conclusion of an agreement between you and Shavesavings.com through the procedure as laid down in clause 3.2 of these Terms, you explicitly accept these Terms.
2.2 Only after approval in writing by Shavesavings.com it is possible to deviate from the stipulations in these Terms; in such a case the other stipulations remain unimpaired.
2.3 Any right and claim, as insisted on in these Terms and in any, more specific agreements on behalf of Shavesavings.com, is insisted on as well on behalf of intermediaries and other third parties contracted by Shavesavings.com.
2.4 Shavesavings.com has a right to modify these Terms and the contents of the website. Shavesavings.com can inform you with a notice if these terms, like the savings program changes.
2.5 Should any of the stipulations of these General Terms not be valid or applicable for any reason, this will not impair the other Terms.

3.1 All offers on the website Shavesavings.com are free of engagement, until you receive the acknowledgement of receipt. In the event that Shavesavings.com is forced to increase the purchase price as a result of a legal regulation or a final judgement, they will inform you hereof immediately. Under these conditions, you are entitled to cancel this agreement by reporting this to Shavesavings.com in writing.
3.2 The agreement between Shavesavings.com and you is fulfilled once you have:
(a) placed an order at the Shavesavings.com website through the fully and correctly filling in of the order form on the Shavesavings.com website;
(b) confirmed in this way that the submitted data is correct by clicking on “I Accept” on the website of Shavesavings.com,
(c) consequently succeeded a payment at the website; (d) hereupon received form the side of Shavesavings.com by e-mail a acknowledgement that your order has been received by Shavesavings.com (the "Acknowledgement of receipt").
3.3 The Acknowledgement of receipt states at least the following information:
(a) a description of the product that you have purchased and the number of articles purchased by you.
(b) the product’s price.
(c) your name, customer number, address of residence, address of delivery, address to which the invoice is to be send (in case this is not the address of residence and / or delivery address), your e-mail account and your telephone number;
(d) the delivery term of the product.
(e) the agreement’s reference number.
(f) the e-mail account and telephone number of Shavesavings.com, where you raise questions concerning your order.
3.4 Shavesavings.com reserves the right to, without reasons given, refuse orders or exclusively under deviating conditions. You will be informed by e-mail.
In case Shavesavings.com rejects your order for whatever reason, after the “Acknowledgement of receipt” an “Order refusal” will be send.
In these circumstances no agreement is reached. Paid amounts, if any, will be refunded within 14 days.
3.5 The agreement contains all the arrangements agreed upon between you and Shavesavings.comand replaces previous agreements, settlements and / or arrangements between you and Shavesavings.com.
3.6 Shavesavings.com’s accounting record is valid, subject to counter evidence, as evidence of placed orders and fulfilled payments from you to Shavesavings.com and performed deliveries by Shavesavings.com. Shavesavings.com acknowledges that electronic communication can serve as evidence. By accepting these terms you acknowledge this as well.

4.1.Unless explicitly stated otherwise in an information, all prices of the offered articles are in Euros and include VAT.
4.2 Shavesavings.com. assumes the liability during the transport of the goods that you have ordered. From the moment of delivery of the product onwards the liability for the ordered product is transferred to you, except for liabilities that can not be legally excluded by Shavesavings.com.

5.1 The term of delivery of the product amounts at the most to 30 working days after receipt of the payment, or so much shorter as stipulated in the agreement between you and Shavesavings.com. The time of delivery as indicated by Shavesavings.com shall not be considered as a deadline, unless it has been agreed upon explicitly otherwise.
5.2 Should the agreed term of delivery be exceeded by Shavesavings.com, you will be informed immediately in writing, regardless the reason. In such an event you will be entitled to cancel the agreement with Shavesavings.com through a written notification to Shavesavings.com.
5.3 Shavesavings.com at all times has the right to realize partial deliveries as long as these do not exceed the agreed term of delivery.

The buyer has the obligation to check any order on delivery for defects, such as damages and / or incompleteness. Should packages be damaged or missing, this shall immediately be reported by e-mail to Shavesavings.com to return@Shavesavings.com.
Only complaints that are reported by e-mail will be dealt with.

7.1 Returns should you change your mind:
You are allowed to return your order within 14 days after receipt, upon which you will receive a refund. However, the return of orders is always subject to the explicit condition that the articles are delivered to Shavesavings.com in an intact state, conform with the Dutch Act on “Verkoop op Afstand” (‘Sales at Distance’). Should these aspects not be observed, we are unfortunately unable to repurchase the articles and cancel the payment.
7.2 Should you wish to cancel the agreement in accordance with clause 7.1 of these terms, you shall notify this to return@Shavesavings.com per e-mail.
You will be assigned a Return Authorisation number.
You shall immediately return the product to Shavesavings.com.
7.3 Return in case of a mistake from our side:
Shavesavings.com will replace the article or cancel your payment in the event that it has been demonstrated that you do not accept the article for valid reasons.
In the exceptional cases that an article is send to you that does not match the order, Shavesavings.com reserves the right to replace the article by a new specimen or to refund the amount paid.
7.4 Should you wish to cancel the agreement on the basis of clause 7.3 of these terms, you shall notify this to return@Shavesavings.com per e-mail.
You will be assigned a RA number.
You shall, however, send the product immediately back to Shavesavings.com.

The payments that you have already realized at the moment at which revoke the agreement with Shavesavings.com in accordance with clause 7.1 and 7.2 of these terms, will be refunded by Shavesavings.com within 14 days after receipt of the returned goods by Shavesavings.com.
8.2 Shavesavings.com reserves the right to refuse returned articles or to credit only a part of the amount if it is suspected that the product has been opened, used or damaged and the fault lies with you (anyhow, not with Shavesavings.com or the product supplier).
8.3 Should Shavesavings.com hold the opinion that a returned product has been damaged as a result of an act or negligence from your side, anyhow that you are liable, Shavesavings.com will notify you in writing (by fax, letter, e-mail). Shavesavings.com has the right to deduct the product’s reduction in value resulting from this damage, and also the whole of the forwarding costs from the amount that is going to be refunded to you.

The payment shall be realized at the latest 30 days after the invoice date. However, should you be at default concerning payments, than you shall incur all the subsequent costs.
Amongst others, costs for reminders, bailiffs and an additional charge for loss of interests.
The latter being the legal interest rate + the actual interest rate charged by the European Bank.
In case of payment arrears, penalty interest is accrued automatically.

All the goods supplied to the buyer remain the property of Shavesavings.com until the moment that the payment has been completely settled, including any amount, and including interests if any and costs for which the buyer is liable for the goods supplied in accordance with agreement, and also with reference to claims for non-compliance with the before mentioned agreement.
The liability related to the supplied articles is transferred to you as from the moment of the delivery.

11.1 Shavesavings.com will never assume liability to compensate direct or subsequent damage, resulting from or arising from deficiencies of the supplied articles or from the not, not timely or not correctly functioning of the (to be) supplied goods, except for intention or gross negligence from the side of Shavesavings.com. Any liability for commercial damage, the loss or reduction of data, and / or subsequent damage regardless the cause, including delays in terms of delivery of articles, is explicitly excluded.
11.2 Shavesavings.com is not liable for damage of the buyer or third parties caused by its fellow workers and / or contracted third parties, regardless the several liability or cause, except for an intention that can be attributed to Shavesavings.com or gross negligence. Under no circumstances the liability will exceed the cover of the insurance that has been concluded by Shavesavings.com.
11.3 Shavesavings.com will not assume any liability for damage, regardless the nature, arisen from or caused by improper, negligent or incompetent use, or use for other then normal purposes of goods supplied by Shavesavings.com.
11.4 The buyer indemnifies Shavesavings.com and its fellow workers against claims from third parties for compensation of material and immaterial damage, which is the direct or subsequent result of (use of) Shavesavings.com articles.

In the event that permanent or temporary force majeure impedes Shavesavings.com to (continue to) perform the agreement, Shavesavings.com has the right, without any further obligation to compensate damages and without judicial intervention to cancel the agreement partially or completely.
Shavesavings.com will inform the buyer as soon as possible concerning a force majeure (at hand).

13.1 All complaints concerning delivery, quality, product characteristics or any other complaint will be seriously dealt with by Shavesavings.com.
13.2 You shall make your complaint at service@Shavesavings.com
13.3 Shavesavings.com will aim to resolve the complaint within 7 days.
Shavesavings.com will inform you on the progress in writing. 
13.4 If you are dissatisfied with the settlement of you complaint. Since 15 Februari 2016 it's also possible to report this at the ODR platform of the European Union: http://ec.europa.eu/odr 

14.1 Shavesavings.com will process and save your personal data in one or more files.
The personal data that is processed, concerns all the data that you have submitted on the order form when ordering a product, or when you register.
The purpose of the processing of your personal data is on the one hand the performance of the agreement that has been concluded between you and Shavesavings.com, and on the other the ability to make customized offers.You will always be able to have a look at your personal data on the website once you have logged in.
Shavesavings.com considers the data protection of its customers of the utmost importance.
Therefore we will always ensure that the personal information that you are submitting is treated confidentially and that your privacy is safeguarded.
Shavesavings.com can not be held responsible for damage resulting from leaking information or theft of our customer records.
14.2 For Online payments we entered into an agreement with Payment Service Provider MultiSafePay, guaranteeing a high degree of security and optimised payment convenience. This provider uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL), an advanced security system for the internet, to protect your personal data. In order to guarantee the security of the order process, all data – including name, address and credit card – is saved encoded on this Secure Server. We explicitly transfer the liability for any possible damage to arise at MultiSafePay to MultiSafePay.

All correspondence concerning these terms shall take place with:

16.1 Dutch law is applicable to all agreements entered into with Shavesavings.com.
16.2 Should a dispute arise between you and Shavesavings.com concerning an agreement between you and Shavesavings.com, you may request Shavesavings.com to arrange for the intervention of the Consumer’s Organization as a mediator in the dispute, on the condition that such an intervention is justified by the nature of the dispute.
16.3 All disputes shall, unless explicitly imposed otherwise by law, exclusively be dealt with in the competent court in Rotterdam.
Should these general terms require a further explanation of contents and intention, than the Dutch text shall always prevail as it was in force at the time of the coming into effect of the agreement.

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